Monday, August 25, 2014

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!  It´s going to be a little strange to have a birthday away from my family.
That´s awesome that Jordan will be giving his farewell talk on my birthday!  Then he´s off the the MTC in a little over a week after that, right?
Deiviane is great!  She´s offered to make lunch for us quite a bit lately, we ate there twice last week and we´ll eat there again this Saturday!  She really wants her family to return to activity in the church so we visit there frequently.  Her family is pretty humble, they don´t have much and they live at the end of the longest neighborhood that we have in our area.
A few weeks ago I bought a recorder so I can learn how to play it.  My companion has one and it´s pretty cool to hear him play hymns.  So I´m learning the recorder, again, but this time I´m doing a lot better than I did in 4th grade!  I asked a member here to buy a simplified hymnbook for me cause they´re going to the temple this week.  I´m going to be a flute tooter! :)
We went to another city so my companion could interview a lady for her baptism.  While we were there Anotônio showed up at the chapel there!  He´s a delivery guy for a candy company and was making his rounds there in Janaúba!  We hitched a ride with him on the way home and we almost witnessed an accident!  There was a curve in the road and a semi in front of us (along with a few other cars).  A car from behind decided that he needs to be in the front and crossed over to the other side of the street to pass everyone and as he took the curve another car from the other side of the street came around the curve also!  They almost hit, but the car coming from the other side turned to the shoulder (that almost doesn´t exist) and they passed without hitting!  But it was crazy to see how pressed for time some people are!
It´s starting to get pretty hot (or at least hotter than usual).  Summer´s starting up again.  It doesn´t seem like it ever left!

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