Sunday, August 24, 2014

She really liked the message that we shared with her.

This week was pretty good!  We got a couple good references!  One is called Lucione and she was a reference from João Paulo!  She really liked the message that we shared with her and she has a lot of curiosity about the Book of Mormon because she took João Paulo on a trip to work and he brought along his Book of Mormon to read in his free time!
There´s another lady in the ward who´s grandma came to church a few weeks ago and we visited her and another girl that´s studying here in Montes Claros.  Her name is Jorgeane and she really likes the Book of Mormon!  We haven´t been able to visit her very much this week because the member´s grandparents got really sick this week and are in the hospital for now...

A young woman (her name is Deiviane)  also referred us to her friend Glace.  She accepted to be baptized on the 30th!  She has been going with Deiviane to a lot of church activities.  Oh!  Deiviane sent a friend request to mom on FB.
Antônio didn´t take the plunge this week...but we had some pretty good lessons with him this week and it looks like he´ll be all ready to go this weekend or maybe the next!  He always gives us rides to our next appointment or from our previous appointment, so we use that as a way to travel from one side of the area to the other!

We have watermelon here, but I don´t buy it cause it´s kinda pricy...  watermelon is not the greatest here in Montes Claros because it´s really dry!  It sprinkled a little this week and we had cloud cover for a few days so that was cool!  In the way of eating habits and such, there isn´t anything strange.  Other than putting the beans under the rice...  Usually you use a fork and a knife.  They have a couple dishes that they put pig snout, tail and feet in there, but I´ve never had it offered to me.
Hope you guys have an awesome week!

 - Elder Peterson

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