Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We taught them the first lesson and learned that they want to be baptized!

I asked Greg to send me a picture of his name tag... I'd not seen it before.  It filled me with joy.  What a special responsibly to be a witness of our Savior Jesus Christ, and His church.

This week was pretty good!  On thursday we had lunch with the district president and his family, just that he didn´t get there on time so we stayed outside his house contating people around us.  We contacted a guy named Leandro, he told us to pass by his house in an hour or so.  After lunch we went there and his mom and nefew were there also.  We taught them the first lesson and learned that they want to be baptized!  They´ve got a smoking difficulty, for now, but each day they´re smoking less and less!  They weren´t able to make it to church this week but I can´t wait for the next week when they come with us!

We also got a hold of Antônio again!  He accepted to be baptized this weekend (with a little doubt, but it´ll happen)!  His wife let him back in his house, and they came to church together!  We helped him pursue a cat that was in his yard and the darned thing ended up biting me a couple times!  He also bit my companion, and his tooth went through my companion´s thumb nail!  The cat was pretty crazy!  After catching it, Antônio threw the cat into the neighbor´s yard (where it came from).
    The yards here are surrounded with walls.  Usually the walls are about 7 or 8 feet high so it´s a kinda hard for something (or someone) to enter or escape a yard here.
Yea, there´s four of us in the house.  It´s a little crazy when the bathroom is being used (cause we only have one...)  We all get along well!  There isn´t anyone that´s really annoying here.
I bet that was a pretty awesome experience to go through the temple with Jordan!

Yea... Collin and Cameron hit one year this past week!  It´s pretty nuts!
It has been really hot this week!  And kinda dry too!  There hasn´t been rain here for over 5 months!
Love you guys!  Have a great week!

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