Monday, August 4, 2014

They've got a Parrot

We started visiting a less active family that lives out at the end of the world here in Montes Claros and they´ve got a parrot!  He´s pretty awesome! :)

Natália and Carlos were confirmed yesterday and João Paulo showed up for sacrament meeting!  Natália has won herself a slightly crazy old(ish) member in the ward who wants to date her.  She´s not too jazzed about that...  It seems that João Paulo really has changed his life around again!  He stayed for the whole meeting and has made quite a few friends with the young men in the branch.

We got to talk with Antônio again and he came to church this week (with his wife and daughter)!  He´s allowed to move back in to his house, and he seems a lot happier now!  They´ve made goals to read The Book of Mormon together and hopefully everything goes well this week!  I think that next week he´ll be baptized!  (It´s kinda tough to get a hold of him because he travels during the week for work.)

I miss having a temple so close!  I know I didn´t go as often as I should have, but it really is different when there is a temple so close!  Here in Montes Claros I think it´s about a 16 or 17 hour bus ride to the closest temple...

This week I got a package from Fernanda and Tiago (pictured above), from my last area.  It had a bunch of chocolates and stuff in it!  It was an unexpected surprise!(We are all so grateful for thoughtful members such as these two, who are so kind and thoughtful to our son while he there in Brazil)

Hope you guys have a great week!  Love you!!!
 - Elder Peterson

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