Monday, July 28, 2014

This week was pretty awesome!

This week was pretty awesome!  We had two baptisms!
 Natália and her son Carlos were baptized!  She had said that she only would be baptized if João Paulo was there, but he didn´t show up...  We´ve got to find that kid...  They´re references from Jeanny and her family (they´re the family in the photo).  The water was really cold!  And Natália didn´t seem too excited to be in it, but as she came out of the water all the worry and doubt on her face went away and was replaced with a smile and with joy!  It was a really special baptism!

I´m doing well!  My skin is getting more used to the sun here, it´s getting a little darker and less red. (Unless we´re running a little late to an appointment...)
The past week we started to visit a guy named Antônio.  His wife is a member that´s returning to activity in the church.  He didn´t come to church last week because of some family issues.  Turns out that his wife kicked him out because he came home drunk...  We met with him this week and he´s been living with his sister until he gets everything all straightened out.  He came to church this week (alone) and really enjoyed the mettings!  The branch president talked with him for a while and I think that he´ll be able to get his life turned around!

The members do a lot of the cooking.  The lady in charge of marking our lunches sometimes can´t find someone to give us lunch, so she makes lunch for us!  (She runs a... umm....  it´s like a mini restaurant (it´s called lanchonete here).  Her name´s Jeanny.
I learned how to cook basic things at home, and this helps a lot!  I can bake a pretty tasty cake here, but we don´t have any of those things you put cake batter in to bake it (thinking he is means a cake pan- Hehe).

 This is a photo of  some donuts that Elder Poblete made last week:

Love you guys!  Have a great week!
 - Elder Peterson

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